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: November, 2015

More employees are hitting holiday sales at work, survey shows

More and more workers are bringing their holiday shopping lists to the office. Fifty percent of employees said they’ll will spend some time visiting online retailers from work this holiday season, according to CareerBuilder’s Cyber Monday survey. That’s up three percent from last year. Forty-two percent of that group plans to spend an hour or

Should I job search through the holidays?

To some, job searching can wait; to others, it’s a luxury they can’t afford. There are no right or wrong answers; rather it all depends on your personal circumstances and goals. If income is no problem and there are no pressing issues that require you to work right away then taking time off during the holidays

Gratitude is an Inside Job

November is a month of gratitude where we collectively think about our blessings even though it’s a good habit to remember them all year long. When you count blessings it’s easier to name the positive ones however being thankful for your problems can have an added benefit as well. Research backs up the notion that

14 interview questions you may face at Apple

Don’t expect your Apple interview to be a breeze. Yes, you’ll face the typical “Why Apple?” and “Tell us about a difficult work experience” line of questioning, according to interview reviews posted on Glassdoor. But the Cupertino company keeps candidates for product design, customer service and everything in between on their toes with brain teasers

Consider what motivates you when defining career success

Some are tempted to define their success by comparing levels of responsibility, while others look for the hottest trends in occupations. Instead of looking for external avenues of what others might use as a definition of success consider what motivates you as a starting point. A couple of weeks ago, a manager described what a

Explore your options if you know your job is going nowhere

Just three years ago and fresh out of college, a marketing graduate accepted a position at a large accounting firm where he could grow his career and develop his business skills. He joined a newly formed team with an assignment to help expand financial products to untapped markets. The challenge of building new contacts and

Disabled job applicants are 26% less likely to get a job, study finds

Researchers at Rutgers and Syracuse Universities have found that discrimination may be contributing to lower employment rates among well-qualified workers with disabilities. In a field experiment, the researchers submitted resumes and cover letters for 6,016 advertised accounting positions from well-qualified, fictitious candidates. One-third of applicants disclosed the presence of Asperger’s syndrome, one-third said they had a spinal