More employees are hitting holiday sales at work, survey shows

More and more workers are bringing their holiday shopping lists to the office.

Fifty percent of employees said they’ll will spend some time visiting online retailers from work this holiday season, according to CareerBuilder’s Cyber Monday survey. That’s up three percent from last year. Forty-two percent of that group plans to spend an hour or more on their shopping.

Some industries do more online shopping than others. Sales is No. 1, according to CareerBuilder, with 63 percent of workers in that sector planning to shop at the office. Click through the slides above to see other industries.

Employers aren’t too happy about this. Twelve percent of them told CareerBuilder that they’ve fired someone for doing their holiday shopping at the office. Fifty-six percent of them block certain websites at work. And it’s not just about shopping. Employers are taking steps to decrease distractions, with 36 percent saying their organization monitors websites employees visit, 55 percent restricting social media activity and 28 percent firing workers for using the Internet for non-work activities.

“Employees should follow the rules, but employers should be careful not to micromanage, ” Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder, said in a statement. “The issue should be more about performance than about what employees are doing with their time.”

CareerBuilder’s survey was conducted by Harris Poll from Aug. 12 to Sept. 2, 2015. It included 3,321 full-time workers and 2,326 managers and human resource professionals.

Julie Balise