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: April, 2016

Networking doesn’t have to feel phony

Networking is one of my favorite topics to discuss when talking about career moves. The mere mention of the word will either divide a room or bring everyone together with the same sentiments. It’s a love-hate relationship that most people have when needing to network. Even if you enjoy meeting people and exchanging information, it

Following some steps can encourage women to launch their business ideas

I had one of the best conversations the other day with Christy Wright, an entrepreneur and women’s business coach who offered her insights into why people tend to settle for careers that aren’t necessarily exciting for them. We talked about how women often see themselves as being stuck in a work routine that keeps them

Should you ‘bow out’ of a bad interview?

I was having a good discussion with a job candidate who was talking about having the worst interview in his life a couple of weeks ago. He said he knew within the first 10 minutes that this employer was not for him, yet he didn’t know how to gracefully bow out of the interview without

Can wearing a certain color influence the interviewer?

It’s no secret that what you wear on an interview will impact the perception of the interviewer; however what you may not realize is your choice of color can send indirect messages as well. Workplace attire has changed so much over time that it can be confusing for job candidates who are hoping to make