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: May, 2016

Does your job search need a new direction?

I had a good discussion a couple of days ago with a friend who mentioned how many times he heard job candidates describe their interests as “being open” to anything as long as it was a job. While this may seem like a good plan to attract more employers it usually does just the opposite

The active job-seeker dilemma study

Preparing for your next job begins the moment you start working and yet most people avoid job searching until they need too. Those that are searching for employment often share regrets about not taking care of their career sooner rather than later by maintaining good networking connections and keeping current with needed skills. A new

An internship is a smart career move

Accepting an internship can be a smart career move regardless if you are a freshman or a senior preparing for future graduation. What you want to do in life will be a point of discussion throughout your entire college experience and that’s why it is important to plan on how you will get the experience