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: November, 2016

Conversation tips for shy networkers during the holidays

To those who are shy, building rapport can seem overwhelming once you finish talking with the people you know. Some of the concerns shy networkers have is what to say and how to continue a conversation without appearing nervous. Their desire is to come across in a natural way without stumbling over words, turning red

Get another perspective of the salary issue

Being employed means more than generating an income, yet it’s easy to develop a case of tunnel vision when you are only considering jobs that meet your salary expectations. That brings me to one of the most anxiety provoking aspects of job searching next to practicing interview questions — the salary discussion. Even the most well-versed

How to Ace a 30-Minute Interview

Preparing for an interview can be somewhat stressful with the desire to be the best candidate, but the notion you have just 30 minutes to make a good impression adds to the pressure. Recently a friend of mine was invited for an interview and even though he was excited about the opportunity, he had concerns

Know why you need to develop self-awareness

Out of all the traits most likely to help you succeed in your career, self-awareness ranks high on the list among leaders. Developing self-insight not only helps you become a better employee, it helps boost your career toward a management role. Self-awareness is one of the foundation blocks to developing emotional intelligence into why you