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: January, 2017

Are you prepared for a panel interview?

Getting an interview is one thing, going on a panel interview is another. In either case, it’s a compliment to you to be invited for an interview. Yet facing a panel of potential colleagues and bosses can be somewhat stressful for most people. The key to success is understanding panel interviews and preparing ahead of

5 ways to handle an unexpected career change

Dealing with change is a big subject in your career, and how you approach it affects your results. Career change usually happens in a couple of ways: unexpected and planned. Naturally, planned changes make you feel more in control when deciding to pursue a different career path or sharing your goals with your boss. Yet

Are thank-you letters enough?

Thanking an interviewer for their time is common courtesy and most likely will send a good impression if the letter is written well. Most interviewers expect some form of a thank-you letter and tend to mentally check the box when they receive one as a sign of professional protocol. As much time as it takes

The top three resume concerns

About this time of year, people are psyched up for a new beginning and changing jobs ranks high on their list. Before you set out to start a job search here are the top three questions that candidates have concerning their resumes. Should my resume be one page or two pages? It depends, both are