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: March, 2017

Make a job fair work for you

If you are in an active job search, more than likely you will hear about job fairs as a good way to meet employers. That’s true. Job fairs where broad to narrow industries are represented bring employers to you. Most job fair events are designed to give you opportunities to meet employers face to face,

Finding a good mentor is one of the best career strategies

If you have ever found yourself struggling with a decision and questioning what direction to take, you could need a mentor. Behind almost every successful person, chances are there’s a mentor. In fact, finding a good mentor is one of the best career strategies you can make, and it is worth your time to start watching those

Should you take a counteroffer?

Deciding which offer to take not withstanding the pressure of making a good career decision is enough to cause a slight case of panic with most people. That’s exactly what happened to a colleague a couple of months ago. He liked his job but felt as though his career was stalled. He talked with his

Small talk has a big impact on your career

Small talk can feel like it sounds, unimportant and insignificant, but learning how to start a conversation is a crucial skill in your career. People naturally think of small talk as discussing the weather or bringing up some trivial information that seems meaningless when your time is valuable. As trivial as it may seem, small talk

Find a new job faster by changing your attitude

Successfully landing a new job is a matter of using the right techniques combined with a good attitude. One without the other affects your job search prospects more than you might realize. A good attitude is hard to beat and hiring managers can sense when candidates have one. It’s only human to experience the ups