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: April, 2018

Turn a phone interview into a great opportunity

Being selected for a phone interview is a great sign, it means the employer is interested in talking with you more, about your background.  Employers use the phone to help them screen out potential candidates for a variety of reasons most of which relate to time and costs. A telephone interview will no doubt happen

Think twice about your references

Choosing good references will play a significant part throughout your career. It’s wise to think twice about your references and never assume that a past colleague or supervisor will step in at the last minute and give you a glowing reference. References should be carefully chosen and never taken for granted. Choose those who will

Make a great impression with recruiters at a job fair

Making a great impression with a prospective employer is every job candidate’s desire but most struggle with their ability to create a short introduction when meeting new people. The stress of trying to be natural when positioning your unique value and skills often sets job candidates up to fluctuate in overselling and underselling their abilities

How do you manage your unemployment status in LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn in your job search is a smart move not only because the majority of recruiters use it in identifying talent, rather it helps you effectively use the greatest job search tool of them all — networking. The six degrees of separation philosophy fuels LinkedIn’s successful networking platform that provides you with multiple contacts