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: November, 2018

Keep productive at work and enjoy the holidays

The holidays are special times to enjoy and reflect on the year with family and friends. They are some of the most memorable and cherished events in life to be shared and taking the time to value them is important. With the holiday season going into full swing, it’s often challenging to stay motivated at

Fascinating facts about showing gratitude

Talking about gratitude underscores Thanksgiving week, but you reap unexpected benefits when you continue to keep a gracious mindset throughout the year. In a job search, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows you are thankful especially after countless meetings and email exchanges, but taking the time to express gratitude is a great habit to

Should you follow-up with a company or wait to hear from them?

Waiting to hear from potential employers can be one of the most challenging aspects to a job search. It can feel like time stands still when you are anticipating the next steps. The dilemma with job seekers is how often to follow-up versus waiting. After all, sending desperate vibes to a hiring decision doesn’t suggest confidence.

Secrets of a successful conference

Attending professional events can be a smart way to enhance your career if you take them seriously and plan ahead. The sheer volume of like-minded professionals makes large meetings attractive as well as the breakout sessions. Most participants are there for similar reasons: to meet others, update knowledge, share information, attend trade booths, receive continuing