What employers look for in your LinkedIn profile?

Most professionals know presenting your online profile plays a significant role in making networking easy while generating attention from employers who frequently search for top talent.

LinkedIn reigns as a strong social platform in helping you connect with people where the number of active participants is mind boggling at the tune of 260 million a month. With that amount of people participating, you know the chances of meeting hiring decision makers are likely.

The sage advice in growing your career is true, it’s who you know that makes opportunities happen. By taking the advice a step further – to who is interested in knowing you – creates unlimited possibilities.

It’s a good career strategy to take the time to review your profile and the message you are sending. It means you are aware of the power of social networking. As of now about 20 million companies are listed on LinkedIn and 90% of recruiters use it to search for candidates.

If you are an active LinkedIn user, you might be thinking what kind of information attracts employers to your profile. Is your information presented in a way that draws employers to your background?

To make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and appealing here are some things you need to include.

You need a professional looking photo. A LinkedIn profile without a photo is like handing a business card with half of your information missing, it leaves room for guessing if you are serious about connecting with people.

Make sure you have a strong headline, photo and about me (summary), using this space to highlight your unique qualifications and personal brand. LinkedIn is not your traditional resume where everyone often sounds alike, this is your opportunity to convey the message you want potential employers to see.

Your headline is the first thing people will read about you and just listing your title is not enough to capture attention. This is a wonderful space for you to quickly convey your title and brand by using some key words.

If you are having trouble identifying what you are known for in the industry, a good way to check is by reviewing your endorsements. Endorsements will usually give you an idea how others see your skills or areas of expertise.

LinkedIn is a huge database that is driven by keywords, if you want more attention use keywords in just about every section of your profile. Do your best to be creative with your content, you have a golden opportunity to highlight what you are proud of and to leave a good impression.

The key is not to copy and paste your resume to your LinkedIn profile, hoping that’s all you need to attract employers and broaden your network. LinkedIn is a different career tool and compliments your resume.

Employers look for reasons why they should contact you through your personal brand, key skills, accomplishments and results produced. Give them enough information and incentive to strike up a conversation with you.

What kinds of changes in your LinkedIn page resulted in more contacts for you?

Kim Thompson