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Be aware of how anxiety affects your job search skills

Job searching is often like blazing a new trail, by looking for new opportunities, starting a new business or reinventing yourself. While change can be a fresh start full of enthusiasm, it also shares the shadowy side of anxiety that, if left unchecked, can slow down your search. Here are some recent comments made from

This is a good time to rebrand your career

The job market is experiencing a major adjustment to the ups and downs of a new norm that was unimaginable just a few months ago. Business will bounce back in a new way, but it will call for preparation on your part in looking for new career opportunities. One of the best career strategies is

Prepare for interviews by using two key principles

As a job interview draws near, too many candidates often take the view that an interview is a competition of sorts. Instead of focusing on the questions and building rapport, they often try to memorize the “right” answers and think their interview performance will generate a job offer. While there is truth in needing to

Choose words that sell during a job search   

The words you use to describe your experience and interests during a job search can open doors and close them within minutes. The latest eye-tracking study conducted by Ladders indicates that recruiters are spending one more time looking at your resume than in the past, you now have 7.4 seconds to capture interest. Just think

Is it possible to talk too much during an interview?

Job candidates can talk too much during an interview, and often do so without paying much attention to the consequences.  Many times, candidates think an interview is for “getting a job,” and while that would be ideal the goal is really to have a meaningful discussion where the interviewer asks questions for a better understanding

Want to impress an interviewer?  Use these five strategies

The job market is beginning to come back slowly with the unemployment rate falling to 13.3% and that’s good news for job seekers wanting to get back to work.  As the economy starts to rebound, interviewing will resume in-person, on video, and phone. It’s no surprise that candidates who receive job offers stand out among

Should you turn down an offer during a health crisis job market?

Making good a choice when offered a job is a concern most candidates encounter and it’s a decision that takes thought.   During an uncertain job market, it can be tempting to accept offers for the sake of going back to work. When financial pressures loom, the immediate fix is often a paycheck and there are

Are you introverted? Here are ways to ace a job interview

Most introverted job candidates share mixed thoughts about being invited for an interview – some are excited while others are sensing dread in talking about themselves. Interviewing is part of a job search and if you want a good opportunity to grow your career, learning how to talk about yourself with confidence is the key.

Resilience is the new normal

With the unemployment numbers growing at a staggering rate, you might start wondering when it will end. Going through a catastrophic shift in the job market calls for a surge of strength and flexibility in searching for employment opportunities. Learning how to adapt to a new way of self-marketing, building working relationships through a digital

Can you be too aggressive with your job search?

Have you ever wondered why the job search process takes so long? The time it takes to apply and wait, can often feel like you are rolling some dice to see what happens next. So, when a job candidate expressed concerns about following-up and being too aggressive, it was understandable because he didn’t want to