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Author: Kim Thompson

Do you want the formula for success and happiness? Show gratitude 

November is an excellent time to be mindful of your blessings as families and friends across the nation celebrate the one day designated for giving thanks. Showing gratitude begins with thoughts of appreciation and being thankful is a powerful emotion that is often taken for granted. In a hectic marketplace, where time is translated into

Manage networking challenges through the holidays

Every year about this time, those searching for a new job will undoubtedly be tempted to “wait” until the holidays are over to resume their job search. The idea of searching for work when distracted by holiday celebrations can add one more reason for some to delay networking. The challenge in “waiting” to get serious

Learn how to wait for job-search decisions

During your job search, one of the hidden aspects you will encounter is the learned skill in patiently waiting for the next steps towards a job offer. A familiar feeling shared among job candidates is guessing when the employer might contact them after an interview. Waiting for news can be challenging, especially when you had

Are you an introvert? Follow these holiday networking tips

Networking for those who tend to live on the shy side of meeting and greeting people can be energy-draining in a typical year when the holidays approach. We all know that career growth and discovering job opportunities are built on relationships. Developing rapport is part of the job search process, but it does not have

Haunting career decisions will make you question everything

If you have ever experienced making a wrong job decision, chances are you’ll never forget it. It’s the type of job where you start dreading it on Sunday with thoughts of how to leave it on Monday. Challenging jobs may offer you more than just bad memories despite the stress and energy spent trying to

Use a professional biography instead of a resume

Not all opportunities are alike, and neither should your strategy for presenting your information to potential leads. One of the costliest mistakes job seekers make is to become lax with their resume and lose interest in planning their marketing approach in utilizing specific resume strategies. In planning for a job search, a resume is one

What you should know about job references

One of the most critical aspects of your job search will be getting good references. People who can speak highly of your skills and acknowledge your contributions will be a significant factor in supporting your career. Keep in mind that not everyone whom you have worked with will serve as a useful reference. On the

Interview barriers will prevent you from getting a job offer

Being invited for an interview is the ticket to a potential employment opportunity, and the way you respond to the interviewer’s questions determine your next steps. Every job candidate knows this, but during the interview there are three areas that you need to be aware of that could prevent you from getting an offer. Your

These interview strategies will last throughout your career

Being invited for an interview is the beginning of a new opportunity, the potential to make a good impression and receive an offer. With the anticipation of a meeting also comes the reality of convincing the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job. Most know that an interview is often a performance

Six reasons why you should start looking for a new job

A few years ago, and fresh out of college, a marketing graduate, accepted a job at a growing financial firm. Where he could expand his career and develop his business skills. At the time, he joined a newly formed team to expand financial products to untapped markets. The challenge of building new contacts and participating