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About Victoria Hart Glavin

I have been cooking and writing recipes since I was a teenager. I am originally from Nebraska; my appreciation for culinary technique took off when I moved to Lyon, France. While living in France, I studied French cooking from an expert Lyonnais chef. I learned to love the local culture of preparing and enjoying fresh, seasonal foods.

While in France, I experienced the joys of shopping for local produce at the market and preparing fresh foods simply and beautifully in order to enhance the experience of the table. During my time in France, I learned how to squeeze tomatoes at the local markets and took everything in by osmosis.

Since leaving France I began creating recipes and filled numerous notebooks with handwritten recipes. Nearly 4 years ago I had a serious ankle surgery and was laid up for a full six months. I’m not much of a TV watcher and was left alone in bed with my laptop. I came up with the idea to try posting my recipes on a free blog site and was amazed at how many people were checking out my recipes. After filling up the “free” bog space I hired my web developer to create

I’ve been off and running ever since and having the time of my life. I currently create my tasty treats in my tiny kitchen in New York City and my larger kitchen in Wilton, Connecticut. I love sharing my creations and recipes with friends, family and total strangers!