Cops: Teenage girl deliberately runs down kid on bike with her Mercedes


A 17-year-old girl behind the wheel of a Mercedes SUV is accused of mowing down a boy on a bike in Sacramento after he reportedly threw a water bottle at her vehicle in Northern California, authorities said.

Witnesses told police that around 2 p.m. Sunday, the 13-year-old threw the bottle at the teen’s vehicle in Sacramento’s Arden Arcade area. That’s when the driver flipped a U-turn and gunned it for the boy, said Officer Chad Hertzell, a California Highway Patrol Spokesman.

Witnesses reported hearing the driver rev the engine and speed up before running over the boy on a neighbor’s lawn, crushing the bike and pinning the boy under the engine compartment between the front two tires, Hertzell said.

The SUV eventually came to a rest after it hit a tree, snapping the front axle.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and jacked up the car to free the boy. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center with some bruising and visible tire marks, authorities said.

“He’s really lucky to be alive, especially since his bike was well behind her car,” Hertzell said. “It could have been a lot worse if that tree hadn’t saved him.”

Witnesses reportedly overheard the driver on her cell phone telling someone she had tried to hit the boy, Hertzell said. She was arrested at the scene and taken to juvenile hall.

“When we booked her she seemed very ambivalent, and when we told her were she was being booked on assault with a deadly weapon charges she was rather blasé,” Hertzell said. “It was rather disturbing actually.”

Evan Sernoffsky