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Sea Surface Temp

How Does El Niño Affect Us Locally?

Vol. V, No. 42 Did you see all those spring bulbs starting to sprout in December? And now we are facing record-breaking sub-zero cold in February. Blame it on El Niño. I confess. I have been a bit of

Sailors vs. Power Boaters, and where do I fit in?

Vol. V, No. 41 It doesn’t matter what type of craft you have; if you have a love for the water and experience commanding vessels, you’re a boater, right? In my eyes, yes, but to some, that’s not

Local Teams Win in Key West

Vol. V, No. 40 With a fairly small contingent of Long Island Sound sailors racing in Key West, respective to the stronger representation from the Chesapeake, for example, team LIS made up in standings

LIS Sailors Compete in Key West

Vol. V, No. 39 11 teams from Long Island Sound made the trip to Key West to compete in the 5-day, 130-boat 2016 Quantum Key West Race Week, newly absorbed by Storm Trysail Club’s regatta management

Christmas Sunrise

Vol. V,  No. 38 Happy Holidays from the WaterViews team.  

5 Ways to Get Out on the Water this Winter

Vol. V, No. 37 With the unseasonably warm temps we’ve had this winter, including the nearly 70-degree forecast for Christmas Eve, you may be wishing you’d left the boat in the water! In spite of the

Dear JK: Is high tide really at noon the day of the full moon?

Vol. V, No. 36 Whenever I have a question related to meteorological occurrences (a.k.a. weather) or the gravitational pull of the moon’s affect on our waterways (a.k.a tides), or anything of the

A Look At Dog PFDs

Vol. V, No. 35 Why do some dogs need PFDs while others don’t? I’m not a dog owner, but as a boater I’ve gotten to know some great boat dogs over the years. Most memorable was Brindle, who rode across