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George Jepsen endorsed by two unions

George Jepsen, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, today welcomed the endorsement of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001, a labor union representing nearly 25,000 active and retired state, municipal, school district and public-private partnership employees.

“I appreciate the endorsement by CSEA, whose members do such important work for our state. Having the support of so many state employees will help me in my job as Attorney General,” Jepsen said. “I look forward to working with them.”

The endorsement process began in March when the Connecticut State Council of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) mailed questionnaires to candidates seeking the support of its six affiliated unions. Union members met with candidates to discuss issues that are important to Connecticut’s working families. The meetings were followed by interviews with members of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 and its sister unions in the SEIU State Council, resulting in the union’s endorsement.

Among the union’s diverse membership are transportation planners and inspectors responsible for roads and bridges, teachers and paraprofessionals working with special needs students, commissioned police officers and criminal justice professionals and environmental biologists and engineers.

Jepsen has also received the unanimous endorsement of the 700-member International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 90.

“At a recent meeting, our members voted unanimously to endorse your candidacy for Attorney General for the state of Connecticut,” said Frank J. Halloran, business manager for IBEW Local Union 90.

“Over your many years of public service, you have demonstrated time and again that you understand the needs of working families and have been an advocate for collective bargaining and prevailing wages. When elected we know you will work tirelessly to promote the values that organized labor share with you,” Halloran said.

Jepsen thanked the union for its support. “Having represented the carpenters’ union for nearly 10 years, I know firsthand the issues surrounding the construction and building trades. These are especially challenging times for the construction industry,” Jepsen said.

CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 began as the labor and political advocacy organization for Connecticut State employees in 1941. The Civil Service Employees Affiliates was founded by public workers in municipalities, townships, and school boards in 1969. An affiliation with the SEIU, the nation’s fastest growing labor union, resulted in a single, larger and more effective public sector union for Connecticut.