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The President Has To Do What The President Has To Do

As dismayed as I am about President Obama’s willingness to sell out Democratic ideals in his efforts to work out a deal and avert default, I have to acknowledge that he is President of the United States, not of the Democratic party. As such, he has a greater responsibility to the country than to his party. Moreover, it’s clearly in his personal best interest in his quest for re-election to appear to be bending over backwards to accommodate the completely irresponsible demands of the majority Republicans in the house of Representatives.

We can hardly expect him to sacrifice his own re-election, and the best interests of the country as a whole simply to focus on Democratic ideals, as important and noble as they are. So if we have to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a host of other vital programs, and provide continuing low taxes, tax credits, tax loopholes and the like to mega-corporations and billionaires, and that is the price of avoiding financial catastrophe, so be it.

It’s very hard to swallow however, and we can only hope that the electorate that put that irresponsible majority in Congress comes to their senses in 2012, and we can undo the damages wrought by all this.

On the other hand, nothing Obama may do may mollify the crazies, and if he goes too far, Democrats will surely rebel, so the financial catastrophe may be inevitable despite his best, and bitter to swallow, efforts.