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Why No National Democratic Ads On Success On Unemployment, Jobs, Economy?

SOURCE Robert Weiner Associates

National Democratic strategist Robert Weiner, who was a Clinton White House spokesman and senior staff for Congressmen Conyers, Rangel, Pepper, and Koch, has been on a mission this week asking, “Where are national Democratic ads on successes including unemployment, jobs, and the economy? “The silence is deafening.” Weiner said. “The sad thing is Democrats are all silent on our accomplishments. Where is the message? Where are the ads that say we’re at half the unemployment we were when Bush left it to Obama? We’re at 5.9 versus 10, and by the way it would be a point less if they hadn’t blocked the President’s jobs bill according to the Congressional Budget Office and the Congressional Research Service . We’d be at 4.9 unemployment and we’d have a million more jobs.

“What about the fact that the stock market, even with its tweaks of the past few days, is triple what is was when Obama came in? What about the fact that there are 5 million jobs available last month–the most since 2001? What about the kinds of economic facts that show that Democrats are even better for business because they create jobs? What about the fact that business was saved by the stimulus and troubled assets bills when Obama first came in? Where are the ads that take credit for that, instead of letting Republicans try to trap us with the IRS, ISIS and Ebola?

“Where are our ads–On jobs? On the success of healthcare? On the fact that we are saving Social Security and Medicare and the Republicans want to privatize them? On the fact that Republicans want to do to forced transvaginal ultrasound invasions (which by the way the U.N. calls rape)? And Democrats want to give women health choice and the Republicans are closing clinics?

“Where is the fact that we’re trying to increase the minimum wage which has stayed effectively the same for decades—it’s actually worth one-third less today than 1968, in real dollars. The budget deficit has fallen by half since Obama took office. We have a comprehensive immigration bill, and don’t blame Obama for the fact that he did a temporary hold on the executive action; he has a bill that passed in the Senate, and the House Republicans are blocking it. Obama took out Bin Laden pure and simple. Romney said any other president would have done it– well, no– Bush actually had the chance (at Tora Bora), gave the intel away to the Afghanis and the Pakistanis, and they leaked it or screwed it up, whereas Obama kept the secret with our SEALS and we got him.

“Where are those messages? We must capitalize on those huge successes. His presidency has been Rooseveltian, but the Republicans would have you believe the guy is inept. That’s what they’re successfully doing, and they got their polling because the silence is deafening from our side on our successes and what we’ve accomplished.

“The key is national spending by the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC with the national message of successes, and not only give money directly to candidates to do what they want. The DSCC has a PAC spending the most of anyone – Jon Stuart even made fun of it. I think it’s fantastic we have the means. But the spending is not wise if it does not capitalize nationally on Democratic successes to rebut the Republican message of the-sky-is-falling over fill-in-the-blank. That’s why the polling has gone against Democrats and they are at risk of a wave election against them and losing the Senate. The Republicans have been better at message.”