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Paid Family and Medical Leave: What’s right for working families

Source: Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund

“No one should have to face financial hardship when caring for themselves or a loved one, and the Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill (House Bill No. 6932) is a smart and common-sense approach to support both workers and employers during those times. The legislature has recognized the disproportionate impact of caregiving on women in the workforce and is taking sensible and compassionate steps to further the economic security of women and families.” Catherine Bailey, Chair, CT Campaign for Paid Family Leave.

“The U.S. is one of the few countries on earth where paid family leave and paid sick days are not the law of the land. That’s why I’m so pleased that the Connecticut Labor and Public Employees Committee worked across party lines and passed a paid family leave bill. I hope that the momentum continues and that more states follow Connecticut’s lead and do what’s right for working families.” Chris Lu, Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Labor.