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This blog being shut down – I have another up and running.

For all the followers of this blog: I have received the following communication from CT Hearst Newspapers: “We are planning to shut down all our blogs in the coming weeks.” I am replacing that blog

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Archaeology News Reports 2000 posts 510,000 page views Art History News Report 2590 post s 2,525,600 page views

Latest Health Research – Diet

Health benefits of low protein-high carbohydrate diets depend on carb type Researchers at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre conducted the largest ever study of nutrient

Latest Health Research – General Health, Pregnancy, Sleep, Aging, Exercise, Medicine and Supplements

General HealthInvesting in an HEPA air purifier might not be a bad ideaAs COVID-19 restrictions ease nationwide and more people host indoor gatherings, investing in a high efficiency particulate air

Growing the Economy Through Affordable Child Care

Source: Center for American Progress What’s the best way to show American children, families, and early educators we value their economic future as part of a full pandemic recovery? Make quality child

Latest Archaeology News

 AmericasPre-Columbus climate change may have caused Amazon population declineIndigenous Amazonia populations may have been in decline prior to ‘Great Dying’ UNIVERSITY OF READING Research News

Accessible, affordable, quality child care is necessary for family economic security and U.S. economic prosperity.

Source: Center for American Progress A new report shows that the Child Care for Working Families Act could lead to more equitable economic growth for families in the United States. Full report Key

We Should Permanently Expand the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit

Source: The Center for American Progress For decades, the American economic system and other institutions meant to support economic mobility have largely failed the tens of millions of people in the

Latest Health Research

 Key Takeaways – Alcohol in moderation, good for heart, bad for brains. My blood pressure isn’t bad, but do I need to lower it? I threw away my Omege -3 supplement and got a different

Canceling student loan debt would promote racial, gender, and economic equity

Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce The student debt dilemma Full report Research has shown again and again that college pays off. The irony of the debate over student