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Strange New Times

These are some very strange times we are experiencing – sometimes it’s hard to believe we actually agreed to be here on this planet and take part in this cosmic shift, eh? What the hell were we thinking!

But here we are. Sleep patterns disrupted (can you even call them patterns anymore?), time running in strange loops, and out-of-body experiences on the regular for many of us. Everyone I know is receiving what we call “bump ups” where new gifts and enhanced metaphysical abilities are being downloaded. It is as if the Universal Divine understands we require new methods to contend with these fluctuations and challenges – and here you go … now move forward.

Whatever “veil” had been in place to separate the realms or planes of existence has apparently vanished. And not only are people – and I do mean educated, sober, intelligent people who I trust are telling the truth – seeing entities, angels, and aliens but also the elemental energies of the planet are in a heightened state of confusion/panic. They are making very visible appearances as if to try and elicit help or understanding as their world is being rocked as well. And because these beings are sentient but do not possess a conscience, their energy is feral and that does not always bode well for a household they enter (it’s like having a wild animal trapped in your home). It is very important to protect our homes with Wards and keep the energy clear and high at this time. Wards (consider them protective guardians) vary depending on culture and spiritual practice. The evil eye talisman, witch balls, mirrors, and chimes can be kept near the entrance as a means of defense. The spiritual energy of the land itself (or the ancestors who once lived here) can be requested through prayer and offerings to provide their protection as well. We are vulnerable when we sleep, so railroad ties, bowls of salt, or eggs (depending on one’s spiritual practice) can be put under the bed to keep one safe. Christians can keep a Bible on their nightstand, open to Psalm 23, and say it aloud before getting into bed at night and before getting out in the morning.

Every day at the shop it seems at least one or two people come in to talk about seeing ghosts or spirits. There are many reasons why “energies” enter a space – one, of course, is that someone is able to see/hear them; but lower-level entities/energies are drawn in via lower energetic fields such as in a home with an active addict, chronic depressive, constant fighting or another low-energy aspect. You can fix this when you RAISE the energy of your home! Yes, you can use sage/smudge and I recommend that, but also play uplifting music – ring bells, play drums – burn incense such as camphor, frankincense, dragon’s blood resin (note that lavender and rose tends to attract spirits so don’t use those). Take a shower, wipe down the tub, and then take a salt bath (2-3 handfuls of sea salt in the bath and submerge yourself totally three times. Washes the “gunk” right off). Lastly, put a clear glass of plain ol’ tap water next to your bed each night — it fills with bubbles when negative energies are around. In the morning, take it outside and throw it away from the house. Refill before bed – this is GREAT for kids, helps with nightmares in a huge way. Let them fill the glass and empty it, it empowers them. We have seen kids revert to wetting the bed, they are so afraid to get up to use the bathroom … and this has really made a big difference.

We came here to raise the vibration of the planet in accordance with Divine Will. We are witness to and participants in the Great Shift of Consciousness – not the end of life, but the end of a way of life that has become unsustainable, destructive, and unhealthy to all living beings. We are all in this together, as we walk each other Home. Blessed Be!

Laura Lenhard