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: January, 2010

GHS headmaster sending drug-sniffing dogs into high school parking lot

Troubling sign of the times. The following letter sent to all GHS parents from headmaster speaks for itself: Dear Parents/Guardians, Over the past few months, there has been a spike in the number of

It’s official – Chris Winters is headmaster at GHS – but the challenges are daunting

So Chris Winters gets the jobs. That’s a good thing. Last June I wrote that the school administration should have saved the money on the search firm for a new headmaster. It was obvious that Chris was

Greenwich citizens pay a huge price for false alarms

The next time you see a fire truck roaring down Putnam Ave with sirens and lights ablaring, the chances are better than even that you’re witnessing a false alarm being played out. No one seems to know

Greenwich real estate values suffer 21.7% decline year over year

I am still in total denial about the value of my home in Riverside. Like many Greenwich residents I harbored a false sense of security about local real estate. When I moved here 10 years ago, I was

Blumenthal story is too delicious to resist for this blogger

Someone please put a restraining order on the local Republicans for self protection so that they don’t injure themselves banging their heads against the wall. They must be apoplectic after being

Video of ice rescue training in Old Greenwich

I shot this on Christmas Eve and meant to post it earlier. It makes a good case for making a generous donation to the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department especially if you are a resident of Old