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: February, 2010

Kudos to Tesei for standing up to the BET; proof of residency blahs; golf renewal questions

BET and BOE members would do well to remind themselves occasionally that they were not elected. They were the beneficiaries of an archaic system by which both major parties put up the same number of

School board member slams coverage of meeting he did not even attend

Greenwich BOE member Michael Bodson’s hissy fit in the Greenwich Time on Tuesday would lead one to believe that Bodson had a front row seat during he recent BET meeting at which School Supt. Sid

Search for replacement outboard motor revs into high gear after Greenwich Point theft

Last fall, someone stole an 8-horsepower Honda four-stroke outboard right off my sailboat only a few days after I had pulled it out of the water and put it on stands at Greenwich Point. Boatowners

Greenwich school chef’s mealy-mouthed letter to the editor

Here is the predictable letter to the editor of the local paper from school supt Sid Freund who is trying to get off the hot seat for his off-the-cuff comment last Thursday night to the BET about

Greenwich school chief dares to defy town’s tax rate doctrine

Sid Freund has really stepped in it now. Not only did he take the town’s finance board to the woodshed Thursday night for short-changing the schools, he did it by questioning our temple of fiscal