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: July, 2010

Taxpayers beware of hidden fee in paying Greenwich tax bills online

I got my tax bill like everyone else in Greenwich this year- late. Mine arrived on July 21 for bills due July 1. I had already paid my property tax and did it online. But apparently I missed the fee

Steamy weather produces unexpected, perfect wind for Greenwich sailors

Normally by this time of July, sailors lament the doldrums afflicting the waters of western Long Island Sound. But for reasons that are unclear to me, the heat wave has had a silver lining – the winds

Photos of nearly empty Greenwich Island Beach ferry and Arch Street terminal

The bankers, hedgies and media mavens may sleep here, but it’s the Townies who run Greenwich. They left no doubt about that when their overwrought, xenophobic mutterings prompted First Selectman Peter

Photos of Greenwich Point Conservancy annual dinner at the beach

I was walking along the beach today when I saw an unusual sight – massive party tents set up at Greenwich Point. The inner reporter in me which is core to every vigilant blogger snooped around and

Photos of Greenwich Boys and Girls Club under national spotlight

The TV satellite trucks have already staked their positions in the parking lot in front of the Greenwich Boys and Girls Club on Horseneck Lane for tonight’s LaBron extravaganza. This is one of