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: July, 2011

Dundee, IB school in Greenwich, continues its sharp decline in statewide ranking – is this our future?

No wonder Sid Freund wants to move the goal posts. I would too. After two years of his tenure as superintendent, Greenwich went from being the 41st ranked district in the state to No. 48. I wrote

Will Greenwich GOP reneg on promise to nominate 4 BOE candidates?

Less than a week ago, the Greenwich Republican executive committee earned the bragging rights to claim a higher road when it agreed to give voters a choice by recommending four candidates- instead of

Greenwich GOP slate offers big hope for school board reform

Local Democrats publicly lament the century-old Republican dominance of Greenwich politics, but year after year they put up candidates who are more conservative, more establishment oriented, more

Photos of silt filling in Binney Park pond in Old Greenwich

This is one of those cases where the photos speak for themselves. Binney Park is one of the most picturesque and treasured places in Greenwich, but its pond is filling in with silt. It’s so bad that a

Greenwich schools should look to Cherry Hill, N.J. as example

A reader pointed me to this story yesterday about a retiring superintendent in New Jersey with remarkable relevance for Greenwich. Click here for the article The parallels are uncanny. It’s also