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: October, 2012

Weekend Warriors to the rescue in Greenwich; OG business center still in the dark

I saw something this morning which I hadn’t seen in previous storms: A National Guard unit assisting in the cleanup in Greenwich. This was an outfit from New London helping with the removal of the big

Photos of aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Greenwich, Riverside and Old Greenwich

I just added an incredible photo sent from Jacqueline Sheridan, a colleague in NYC, of the flooding of a tunnel in battery Park next to her apartment building. See the 12′ 7 sign and where the water

Photo of Binney Park flooding at high tide in Old Greenwich

This is Binney Park one hour before midnight. I can’t imagine what the toll this flood must be exacting on everything south of the village.

Sound Beach Ave., other roads impassable in Old Greenwich

Tremendous devastation in OG. Big tree fell across Sound Beach Avenue at Wesskum Wood Road rendering both streets impassable. Lots of downed, live wires across Sound Beach at 7 p.m. (see photo) Big

Video of surge flooded Binney Park in Old Greenwich

A neighbor called and told me to look out my window (I live within full view of Binney Park). I could not believe it. Even before a single drop of rain late this morning, Binney Park was already