Photos of aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Greenwich, Riverside and Old Greenwich

I just added an incredible photo sent from Jacqueline Sheridan, a colleague in NYC, of the flooding of a tunnel in battery Park next to her apartment building. See the 12′ 7 sign and where the water is. Thanks for sending, Jackie. Another colleague Jack Condon sent a photo of the dangling crane which is two blocks from our office at Columbus Park.

In Old Greenwich today, I shot a photo of a perilous looking power line with a big tree hanging on it. Also in OG, the new florist is offering free flowers, and the “cash only” signs are ubiquitous.


Tuesday’s Post follows …

Like a wink of mischief from Mother Nature, a beautiful rainbow broke out in the sky above me while I stared at a massive downed tree on Sound Beach Avenue across from the Episcopal Church this morning. Virtually every major artery in Old Greenwich and Riverside was impassable, prompting drivers like me who should not have been on the road unnecessarily clogging up egress to turn around at various makeshift turn-abouts. The most serious impasse was at the corner of Sound Beach and Wesskum Wood Road which I wrote about yesterday. (first photo below).

Other blocked roads included Hillside near the high school in Greenwich and lots of side streets in Riverside. The downed power lines and trees were clearly the worst we have seen in town in more than 10 years.

But the storm spared us of rain, and luckily it moved fast yesterday afternoon and made landfall two hours before earlier predictions. That had the effect of the surge occurring two hours ahead of high tide – perhaps just enough to have spared parts of OG. I would guess the surge came in at six feet, not near the 11 feet predicted. New York City was not as lucky. High tide there coincided with the surge and slammed Lower Manhattan.

Lincoln Millstein