Weekend Warriors to the rescue in Greenwich; OG business center still in the dark

I saw something this morning which I hadn’t seen in previous storms: A National Guard unit assisting in the cleanup in Greenwich. This was an outfit from New London helping with the removal of the big tree blocking Hillside Road, which is the main entrance to Greenwich High School.

Most of the town’s business centers were in operation except Old Greenwich. That surprised me given how close OG is to the MTA grid which rarely loses power. But while Riverside Mall, Greenwich Avenue, Cos Cob Center had full power, the only OG business which had full power was King’s grocery store and that was only because it rented a giant retail generator. Seems to me getting the local retail centers back should be a top priority. Several OG food purveyors resorted to doing business in the dark – Garden Catering, Hunan Gourmet, the bagel shop

The morning coffee run today was much more fruitful, even though Arcadia Cafe in OG and Starbucks in Riverside were still closed. Cos Cob Starbucks did not have its cash register working, so I got a free cup of grande dark roast. Chalk that up to the good neighbors program. The Starbucks on the Avenue also was open.

I did not have any trouble filling my gas tank despite the hysterical media report on WCBS radio. I filled up at the Mobil station in Riverside at Lockwood and Rt. 1.

Big generator at King’s

Lincoln Millstein