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: November, 2012

Questionable play-calling dooms Greenwich football team

How cool is it that I was able to watch the Greenwich-Staples game live on my laptop? If you missed it you may rewind and view the entire game on MSG Varsity online. From the perspective of the

Postcard from Greenwich Point on Thanksgiving

Because Thanksgiving is one giant Early Bird Special, I dedicate this post and slide show to Greenwich snowbirds wherever they are – teeing off in Boca or lounging by the pool in Delray. These photos,

Greenwich is facing its own fiscal cliff

Greenwich needs to tax the rich. There, I said it. Actually, I typed it – on my MacBook Air. More on that later, but first, some background: Hurricane Sandy diverted attention from a saga unfolding in

Photos of Tod’s Point in Greenwich after Hurricane Sandy

Some of us boaters were allowed to assess the damage at the boat storage area at Old Greenwich Yacht Club yesterday (Nov. 10). There is no date set yet for the re-opening of Greenwich Point. Entire

Photos of GOP, Dem HQs don’t tell whole story in Greenwich

They refer to it as their “headquarters,” but the temporary home of the Greenwich Democrats in Cos Cob looks more like a relief station to me. Shabby and unkempt, it’s nonetheless an improvement over

Sandy gave reason to switch cable provider away from Cablevision to AT&T

For several years now I have been aggressively pursued by AT&T’s U-Verse to dump Cablevision. After numerous evaluations I just could not make the numbers work to make the switch. Then a stormy gal