Sandy gave reason to switch cable provider away from Cablevision to AT&T

For several years now I have been aggressively pursued by AT&T’s U-Verse to dump Cablevision. After numerous evaluations I just could not make the numbers work to make the switch.

Then a stormy gal named Sandy gave me the reason.

First, I noticed all those orange generators running at various telephone poles around town. Turned out the generators were powering U-Verse to keep its TV, internet and phone service online in the aftermath of the storm. AT&T trucks were everywhere filling up the tanks of those generators. i did not see a single Cablevision truck.

One catch: You had to have power – which I had by virtue of a generator acquired after Irene – in order to get the continuous U-Verse service. What I really missed during the storm was my internet service. Camping out at Starbucks in order to work was not optimal.

Then the power came back on Thursday night … but still no Cablevision and no internet.

AT&T U-Verse, here I come!

Lincoln Millstein