Photos of GOP, Dem HQs don’t tell whole story in Greenwich

They refer to it as their “headquarters,” but the temporary home of the Greenwich Democrats in Cos Cob looks more like a relief station to me. Shabby and unkempt, it’s nonetheless an improvement over what they had four years ago on Railroad Avenue.

The Republicans will never be outdone here. A quarter mile up the Post Road, the town’s dominant party has set up shop in the manner expected of the monied monarchs of Greenwich.

But will any of this matter on Tuesday? No doubt the Republicans will claim victory in all the local races. But what about the main events? Will the queen of raunch finally succeed in buying her coveted United States Senate seat? Will Jim Himes get a third term?

I have a feeing the penurious party of the underdogs in Greenwich will get the last laugh.

Lincoln Millstein