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: July, 2011

Sole – ful

Rome, Italy. Wonderful culture, fabulous shopping, delicious food. Tons of walking! Whether around the Colosseum, thru the Borghese Gardens or over the cobblestone streets, you are always on your

a classic beauty

My dad wore a white button down shirt to work everyday. Years later, my husband wore a white or blue button down shirt to work everyday. Now casual workdays have kept the white button downs in the

off the cuff

If I were to ask my grandmother what’s the definition of a cuff, her answer would probably be closer to that found on Wikipedia… “A cuff is an extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of the sleeve

pretty pedi’s

Last week my 15 year old niece and I went for a pedicure to sit, chat and catch up on her life’s happenings. We went to a little place in NJ that had lots of seats for pedicures, but very few colors


Here in the northeast Winter seems to last forever.  Right around the beginning of April, we tend to get impatient for those first signs of Spring and warmer days.  When it finally hits, we have about

fill it to the brim

I saw a good friend at the beach yesterday and she asked if I knew of any great beach hats to keep the sun off her face. I replied that I usually just throw on a baseball cap and go. Then I thought

Clean Cooking

There are just some things I can’t get used to….like wearing an apron while I cook. A friend and owner of 101 in Rowayton always stays pristine in her collection of aprons. Fortunately, I’m about

Holy Stitches

My grandmother was an avid crocheter…if that’s even a term. We had crocheted doilies, crocheted tablecloths and crocheted bedspreads. At one point we even had crocheted roses in a vase. That was


My son and I snuck away to the Jersey Shore today for a few waves and some sand. As I stepped into my bathing suit, I realized it was my first suit exposure of the season! With the only tan on my legs

Ruffling Feathers

My favorite potato chip has always been Ruffles. Something about those ridges made them much saltier and tastier to me than any other chip. I’ve tried to cut back on eating Ruffles, but I don’t mind