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: October, 2011

Bad Weather Birdies

The other day when I wrote about cold soccer sidelines, I admit I was mistaken. Those temperatures in Wilton were balmy compared to yesterday’s freezing digits during my son’s golf tournament in

Sideline Sweaters

Last weekend’s soccer game had us sitting at the Lily Field in Wilton. The bleachers were completely shaded at the 3pm start time, but the other side….where you’re not allowed to stand or sit, was


The other day I wrote about a few women who started their own businesses within the fashion field after beginning elsewhere in their careers. Well, I forgot one. Andrea Towey is the Creative Director

The Next Step

Sometimes your career path is set in stone, and other times it seems to veer off the road. But that’s usually when opportunities open for other paths to be paved. You simply have to be open to trying

Stylish Stoles

I couldn’t wait any longer…. I finally broke down and tossed on my first warm scarf of the season. Yesterday’s wind and today’s lower temps made me succumb to wrapping the knit around my neck! As I


A client and I paid a visit to Havana Jeans in Stamford to find a few new pairs of denim to add to her winter wardrobe. Elyse, the incredibly talented and sincere jean specialist, pulled numerous

“Pretty” in Pink

There’s nothing better for me than watching NFL football players racing down the field clutching the ball while wearing pink gloves. Or pink cleats. Or a pink headband. Even the toughest of men have a

Defining Style

According to, “Style”, when used as a noun, has the following definitions… 1. a particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character: 2. a particular,

Shifting Gears

There’s no easier way to start your morning than by slipping into a simple, yet stylish dress. It’s a quick, pre-made ensemble that just needs some icing. Start with a basic shift then add the

Cape Havetohaveit, CT

Whether it’s Cape Cod, Cape May or Cape Hatteras, the capes are a have to have item this fall season. As cozy as a poncho, but a bit more functional, these styles are the perfect addition in sweater