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: November, 2011

To Jean or Not To Jean

These days, it seems as though we reach into our jean drawer for every occasion. Whether sitting by the soccer sidelines or heading out for a dinner and a show, its become the easy go-to item for

Office Party Options

My husband just mentioned to me that his spouse-less office Holiday party will be on December 7th. Years ago, employees’ “better halves” were asked to join in the festivities, but with economic times

A Delicious Day

So I must confess…I over ate. It wasn’t the extra helping of sides that I served myself or the picking at the bird as I wrapped up leftovers for family. It was the extra slice of Sono Baking crumb


I was on a treadmill at the gym yesterday when I overheard two women discussing their clothes closets. Both agreed that they are in “dyer” need of a wardrobe overhaul. Their hangers and drawers were

Color Correct

Pantone is a color system company that offers 1925 colors ideal for creating color palettes and schemes for fashion, home, paint and many other graphic arts. They offer a service in which they

More Ways Than One

As I get older, I’m realizing that “less is more” when it comes to the amount of choices on a restaurant menu…and believe it or not, clothes in my closet. So many magazine issues over the years have

Bright Lights Big City

A little west of Hollywood is Sono…the new place to be seen. In an incredibly lofty warehouse, soon to be turned into the Sono Ice House, the Rowayton Elementary School hosted its annual fall


Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day – the annual US holiday President Woodrow Wilson set aside since 1919 to honor our veterans who have served in the military. This fact I knew. The holiday is often celebrated

When In Doubt…

This Saturday night our local elementary school in Rowayton will be hosting its annual fall fundraiser. This year’s theme is a “Wrap Party” – as in the party organized for the cast and crew of a film

“Here Kitty, Kitty”

Last night my son and I watched a show about the Cheetah cat on the National Geographic Channel. Spotted as a leopard, the mother cat swiftly ran at a speed of 60 mph to catch her prey to feed her tow