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: December, 2011

a link to some looks

Over the summer I was asked to write a few posts for the Shopping & Style section for Connecticut CBS Local online. One of the articles I wrote highlighted a some ideas on festive attire to ring in

Far Fetched

As I stood in the park around 4pm today throwing the ball a million times to my dog, I realized that my knee high leather Gee WaWa boots were the furthest thing from warm. The sun had almost set and

Underwater Inspiration

Seeing that its a holiday week, my son and I were looking for an interesting activity for a rainy Tuesday afternoon. We decided to venture to the Maritime Aquarium to vote for our favorite lighthouse


I always seem to be the last one awake in my house on Christmas Eve. After the extended family leaves and the table is cleaned, I really enjoy sitting on the sofa looking at and admiring our decorated

Under the Wire

Each holiday season I find myself stumped for ideas on someone’s gift. Last year I didn’t know what to get my octogenarian mom who has, as she says, “everything she needs in life”….my dad. This year

The Benefit of Benefit

Just when you thought the crowds were headed to the malls and the highways, think again. They’re heading to Benefit. Benefit cosmetics was started in 1976 by twin sisters, Jean and Jane Ford, from


I know it sounds crazy, but my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas… …and I responded, “Pajamas.” He laughed and said, “No, really.” …and I responded, “Really.” I never seem to look for

tree skirt

With the sun shining and only 2 weeks remaining until Christmas, this seemed the perfect weekend to find and decorate our tree. The “stars lined up” for us from the start… -we found a wonderful

Again and Again

Versatile: having or capable of many uses. I love that word. I use a golf tee to hold up my hair in a bun for spin class. I use a heart shaped rock my son found when he was 4 as a sponge holder on the

The Cold Shoulder

I vividly remember, back in the mid ’90s, Giorgio Armani visiting our Manhattan offices. During one of the discussions regarding his new collection, he mentioned how a woman’s collar bone and shoulder