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: January, 2012

Ready in Red

Once again, red was well worn on the red carpet during an awards show. Last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) had quite a few stunning dresses in black and white , but red was definitely a

Love Letters

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of monogrammed items. Perhaps its because my initials growing up weren’t the most suitable for just 3 letters. When I was about 10 years old I was gifted my first

The Weekend’s Weekender

On Sunday I wrote about packing for a weekend away….today I’m adding the bag to take for the weekend away. Or at least a few suggestions on bags you can pack. Tomlin Rolling Duffle @


Dear friends of ours, Jim and Rosario, drove from Philadelphia to spend a snowy weekend in the “country.” Friday night after a long, relaxing dinner and some great conversation, I helped Rosario carry

The Bean Boot

Kate Beckinsale – an icon in ivory

Red Carpet Review

When I was in college, my fellow fashion design majors and I would love watching the award shows. The Academy’s, The Grammy’s, The People’s Choice and The Golden Globes were all on our “to watch”


A few years ago my son’s teacher told me about a computer game she enjoyed playing called Snood. She compared it to Tetrus in that as you played it forced you to think ahead to the next step or level.

Always in Style

I was working with a client yesterday who said, “I’m just not sure what’s worth keeping and what I should purge.” So I remembered I wrote this piece in another blog and wanted to share. **Fall/Winter

One More Thing…

I sat down to write a post on Saturday afternoon only to discover that I never hit the Publish key when I finished the “Pep-lum” post on Thursday. Instead of taking the extra second to make sure the

pep – lum

Last night I was returning the Christmas platters to the basement cabinet where they’ll stay for another 350 some-odd days. While down there, I noticed a pastel jacket that didn’t make it into the