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: August, 2013

Too Cool for School

The backpack. I can’t recall when the actual craze took off, but I can remember toting a teetering pile of books in my arms each day to high school.  That and a lunch bag made navigating the bus steps


    For many years an “app” was simply a shortened term for the quick, tasty course served before the entree.  Menu order has hardly been rewritten, but the software that causes a computer


  With all the end-of-summer sales happening in stores and online, you can justify almost every purchase you make from now ’til Labor Day.  You’re actually saving money each time you spend money.

Trending Tones

According to the calendar, we’re in the middle of the summer season despite the days getting shorter and the back to school sales becoming more abundant.  Fall is still about 6 weeks away, but the