Recalling New York City’s Yiddish theaters

A terrific exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York immerses visitors in a part of the city’s theater scene that vanished around the middle of the 20th century. “New York’s Yiddish Theater: From

Bad Movies We Love: Lana in Acapulco

Even by the standards of 1960s melodrama, “Love Has Many Faces” is a weird and unintentionally hilarious piece of work. At the time, the 1965 Lana Turner vehicle puzzled reviewers who couldn’t tell if

‘Park Avenue’ haves and have-nots

Alex Gibney’s appalling look at the disparity between the rich folks living at 740 Park Avenue and the desperately poor living on the same street a few miles away was aired on PBS in 2012. “Park

#FridayReads ‘Playing with Fire’

For those of us who were around then, it’s hard to believe a half-century has passed since the turbulent year of 1968. I was in high school but have vivid memories of the assassinations of Martin

‘Hello, Gorgeous!’: revisiting Barbra’s films

A very entertaining new podcast, “Hello, Gorgeous!,” has been taking a deep dive into the films of Barbra Streisand since September, with a new episode released every Tuesday. Hosted by actor/comedian

‘InRealLife’: the perils of the internet

Although it was first released five years ago, Beeban Kidron’s documentary “InRealLife,” about the effects of the internet on frequent users – particularly young people – holds up as a well-documented

‘Deliverance’: tomorrow night in Bethel

When Burt Reynolds died last month, I began chatting with CTFilmFest 52 director Tom Carruthers about the possibility of showing one of the star’s films as part of the classics series I’ve been

‘I’m Sorry’: easy, hilarious binge

Thanks to my most reliable streaming service guru – who texted “Watch Immediately” – I had a great time racing through all ten season one episodes of “I’m Sorry.” recently, a comedy series just added