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The return of Mary DiNunzio

Writing on a novel-per-year basis since 1993, Lisa Scottoline has created some of the best crime fiction of the past decade, but the author’s millions of readers probably love the people in her

Leslie Phillips as Jimmy Blake

“Chancer” was the two-season British TV series of 1990-91 that launched Clive Owen’s career, but the smart and very funny serial about British business machinations at the end of the Margaret Thatcher

All dressed up…

Why is it so hard to make good romantic comedies? What was once a taken-for-granted staple of movies is now scarcer than those proverbial hens’ teeth. Turner Classic Movies programs batches of great

A national theater company visits Fairfield

Local audiences will have a chance to see one of the last of the great American touring theater troupes Friday when The Acting Company presents “Moby Dick Rehearsed” by Orson Welles at Fairfield

Heath Ledger, R.I.P.

You might have to go all the way back to the car accident that took James Dean’s life in 1955 to find an apt comparison with the shocking news of Heath Ledger’s death in New York yesterday. Today,

“Juno” over “Zodiac”?

The list of Oscar nominees released early this morning in Los Angeles is made up of the usual mix of worthy contenders, bows to current fashion and popularity, and bizarre omissions. The voters got it

When the old guard met the taboo breakers

Entertainment Weekly columnist Mark Harris deserves all of the praise he is about to receive for “Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood,” which will be published by

Not seeing can be believing, too

The record-breaking grosses scored by “Cloverfield” this weekend are encouraging when it comes to the present status of the horror movie. Instead of the silly, gruesome superstitions of the many

Mikhail + Samuel + Joanne + Philip

The New York Theatre Workshop has scored its biggest hit in many seasons with the production of “Beckett Shorts” that is closing on Sunday. The collaboration between director Joanne Akalaitis,

The new Richard Widmark?

There is a long and honorable tradition of memorably amusing movie psychopaths, going all the way back to Richard Widmark in “Kiss of Death” (1947) and continuing through David Patrick Kelly 30 years