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: May, 2008

‘Sex’ at midnight with dozens of women

It was fun to see “Sex and the City” last night at midnight at one of the area multiplexes with about 200 hardcore female fans of the HBO series. I only counted four other men in the audience — who

Sydney Pollack, R.I.P.

Sydney Pollack was such a vital presence on screen and off for so many years that his death Monday was a real shock — it was only a few weeks ago that I enjoyed the 73-year-old actor-director’s very

Preparing to be surprised in New York City

The way that New York City has become home to millions of wildly diverse people over the past century is explored in the documentary/essay film “Home,” a collaboration between the Irish immigrant

Blissed out at ‘La Fille du Regiment’

Doomsayers have been predicting the end of live performance due to the new century’s explosion in media, but don’t tell that to Peter Gelb, the general manager of the The Metropolitan Opera, whose

Will moviegoers endorse ‘Sex’?

The theatrical movie business has been sagging along with the rest of the U.S. economy in recent weeks — none of the summer season hits so far have set any records. Paramount has to be disappointed in

Silly season on Broadway

I don’t understand why so many of those very smart people who write about the stage in New York waste so much time and space analyzing the Tony nominations every year. In a city where much of the best

Connecticut Film Festival opens

After a series of preview mini-fests — including one in Trumbull a few weeks ago — the Connecticut Film Festival kicks off its official six-day run in Danbury today. These are difficult times for

In from the road

I had a nice chat a few days ago with Sharon Malane, the New Canaan native who has been on tour with “Hairspray” for the past year-and-a-half, and who arrived at New Haven’s Shubert Theatre this week.

The quirky charisma of Ashton Kutcher

The astute Washington Post film reviewer Stephen Hunter wrote a funny review of “What Happens in Vegas” last weekend in which he quickly gave up trying to analyze the appeal of leading man Ashton

The movies in your mind

It was 10 years ago today that Frank Sinatra died and the occasion is being marked with a multi-media explosion that includes a U.S. postage-stamp issued yesterday. Even though Sinatra never took