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: July, 2008

A TV reporter in over her head

My pal Drew Taylor, who writes so well about pop culture for The Fairfield Weekly, holds down a day job as “head geek” at Media Wave in Fairfield — an independent video store that is the equivalent of

Better than her material

Those of us who have become fans of Maria Bello have learned to take her wherever we can get her — she has one of the oddest resumes in modern film — but it is really depressing to see the actress

Shakespeare under the stars

There is something magical about seeing Shakespeare outdoors on a beautiful summer night. A large and appreciative audience gathered at Bridgeport’s Beardsley Park Zoo Friday night to see the

Two degrees of separation

Have you ever seen “Heights”? One of the dozens of American indies tossed into art houses in 2005, the picture sank without a trace, and even devoted movie buffs give a blank stare when the film is

‘Walking into a dog’s mouth’

Benjamin Kunkel’s funny and scary piece in the new GQ — “World Without Oil, Amen” — is must reading. The article follows Kunkel’s attempt to figure out what might happen after we reach the point known

Money, money, money

Call me a movie elitist, but I’ve never understood the press and public obsession with Hollywood box-office figures and production budgets. For the past few days, everywhere you turn there are stories

‘Moscow Rules’ stands alone

Many of us who enjoy crime and espionage fiction are reluctant to pick up the latest installment of a series that has been up and running for several years. Thinking we must start at the beginning of

Making a fool out of a good actor

Nearly everyone involved with the new movie version of “Mamma Mia!” faces some sort of on-screen humiliation — even the wonderful Meryl Streep comes off badly in the starring role of a frenetic old

An actress with style

Most of the actresses under the age of 30 working in movies these days are girly girls like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson — they’re great to look at but don’t have the emotional heft of a woman

Doing things your own way

For a guy who seems to have a perpetual glass-half-empty philosophy, the New York singer-songwriter and actor Jay Brannan has been gaining a lot of ground recently. Brannan takes self-deprecation to