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: January, 2009

‘Love’ means eight hours of Troy Donahue

For the past few evenings, I’ve been time traveling back to the early 1960s, thanks to the new Warner Bros. DVD set “Romance Classics Collection” which was officially released on Tuesday. Tha package

Isn’t it ‘only a movie’?

The annual Oscar madness seems to get bigger and nastier each year. Just as our political races have degenerated into negative campaigning orgies, the movie studios in recent races have spent as much

The screaming Teuton

Otto Preminger was a hugely successful director of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s who seems to have faded into obscurity in recent years. Does anyone still look at “Exodus” (1960) or “In Harm’s Way” (1965)

The dark (and funny) side of Hollywood

When you attend as many fiction writers’ conferences as I do, you run up against an interesting but sometimes painful phenomenon. After attending a panel where a writer seems so bright and so funny,

New insights into horror classic and its creator

“Rosemary’s Baby” is one of the few horror “classics” that never seems to lose any of its luster. It is as smart and funny (and scary) now as it was when it opened during the summer of 1968 On Feb. 4,

Bad luck/bad timing

The biggest losers in yesterday’s announcement of the Academy Awards nominations had to be DreamWorks and Paramount Vantage who were counting on a bunch of nominations for “Revolutionary Road,” the

‘The Best of Everything’ and other Hollywood tales

Most of the February issues of the major monthly magazines look like pamphlets this year, so it will be interesting to see if Vanity Fair’s forthcoming March Hollywood issue is its usual

It could happen to you

Hallie Ephron is the exceptionally savvy crime fiction reviewer for The Boston Globe and the author of a widely admired book on how to write good mysteries. William Morrow has just provided strong

Laugh your troubles away

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on the tenth anniversary of the debut of Mike Judge’s hilarious workplace comedy, “Office Space.” The movie was a bust in theaters when it opened on Feb. 19,

‘Made in U.S.A.” gets belated debut

The French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard seems to be as popular as ever with urban art-house audiences — including those who are 25 and under. Thanks to the Criterion Collection issuing several