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: March, 2009

Scandal at the Met?

In an era when even the worst shows on Broadway are greeted with standing ovations, there is something perversely appealing about the way that opera audiences have no hang-ups about expressing their

Barry Eisler stands alone

Barry Eisler has the rare gift of writing about amoral people without endorsing their (sometimes) nihilistic feelings. In his wonderful series of novels about the assassin John Rain, Eisler has shared

Cindy Sherman plus one

The new documentary, “Guest of Cindy Sherman,” is more interesting than a month’s worth of standard Hollywood narrative filmmaking. The movie is a collaboration between Paul Hasegawa-Overacker (who

Greenwich Village as it should be

Marjorie Kernan has written the sort of totally charming, mood-elevating novel that you finish quickly and then want to pass along to all of your friends. Indeed, if I could, I would reach out to you

Burt Lancaster visits the old country

The Scottish writer-director Bill Forsyth had a run of good fortune in the 1980s but then suffered a humiliating Hollywood experience working on “Being Human” in the early 1990s that made him decide

What is a movie star?

Sunday’s issue of “T” — The New York Times Style Magazine — had a characteristically smart piece on actors by Lynn Hirschberg. Called “Screen Test: Can These TV Guys Make the Leap to the Cineplex?”

Ronnie, we hardly knew ye

Right wing revisionists have been tearing away at FDR’s reputation since January in a hilariously misguided attempt to attack Barack Obama’s recovery plans (with their echoes of the Great Depression

A smart, funny sleuth

Rosemary Harris is part of a new breed of mystery writers who are breaking through the arbitrary barrier that once divided the crime fiction genre — with the tough and grisly “hard-boiled” novels on

Comic books & porn & Richard Nixon

There are so many “points of entry” into writing about last weekend’s number-one movie “Watchmen” that pundits and bloggers could spend the next year trying to get a handle on this very strange film

Finding a perfect moment

The new musical at Lincoln Center — “Happiness” — won’t open officially until March 30, but I caught a preview performance on Saturday and am happy to report that the latest Susan Stroman show is in