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Monday night with Anna & Kate & Justin

One of the first big media tests of this New Austerity era we’re in will come Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum gala for the Costume Institute tied in with the opening of the new exhibit “Model

‘Nickelodeon’: better but still not good

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released a two-disc “Director’s Choice” DVD last week that contains two Peter Bogdanovich films — the classic “Last Picture Show” that put the 32-year-old neophyte

How does the world of art work?

It’s tough to think of a more entertaining or more recession-proof way to spend a Saturday afternoon in New York City than strolling through the gallery district of Chelsea. The Manhattan art world

Beatrice Arthur, R.I.P.

Beatrice Arthur had a long and incredibly productive life, but it was still sad to hear the news of her death Saturday at the age of 87. Most of the obituary writers focused on her television work —

The nice people who write about murder

This is the first chance I’ve had to report on the mystery festival that was held in Easton and Westport last weekend. “Murder 203” was co-sponsored by the Easton and Westport libraries and appears to

The professionals

The crowd was wildly enthusiastic but, sadly, very small at last night’s terrific show by singer-songwriters Elliott Murphy and Jann Klose at the Fairfield Theatre Company. I was pulled out of my

The art/craft of songwriting

Elliott Murphy is touring the East Coast and will be stopping at the Fairfield Theatre Company tonight where up-and-coming singer-songwriter Jann Klose will open for him. Murphy has been in the music

‘Soda Fountain Girls’ preview

I had a great time last night at the Ars Nova performance space in Manhattan hearing a live sneak preview of Daniel Zaitchik’s in-the-works debut album, “Summer of the Soda Fountain Girls.” Zaitchik

Coming to America to play ball

The Brooklyn filmmaking couple who debuted with the 2006 Ryan Gosling vehicle “Half Nelson” — writer-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck — are back with a very strong second film, “Sugar,” set in the

9 to 5’ looks like a hit

Two nights ago I saw a preview of the new Broadway musical version of the 1980 movie “9 to 5” for feature story research purposes (I’m working on a piece for the “Go” section set to run early next