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A perfect end-of-the-summer beach book

  As I head off for a two-week vacation, I want to recommend a wonderful thriller I just read, Joseph Finder’s “Vanished” (St. Martin’s Press). I couldn’t save this perfect beach book for my own jaunt

‘A Solo Act’ becomes ‘Too Much Money’

I didn’t have much time to write the blog posting below about Dominick Dunne yesterday — right after I put those few notes together, I had to come up with the 24-inch obit/tribute that ran in the

The passing of Dominick Dunne

David Patrick Columbia reported in his New York Social Diary blog earlier today that novelist and journalist Dominick Dunne lost his two-year battle with bladder cancer last night at his Manhattan

Murder (and nostalgia) on the North Carolina shore

Margaret Maron has won nearly every prize given to mystery fiction for her novels about North Carolina judge Deborah Knott. Maron kicked off the series 16 years ago with “Bootlegger’s Daughter.” The

Gay ‘Lincoln’: preaching to the converted at the NYC Fringe

  With more than 200 plays to choose from spread out over two weeks — and a universal $15 ticket price — the NYC Fringe is one of the great summer bargains and theater adventures. $15 is barely more

Getting off the beaten path in New York City

I’ve been having fun reading the text by Naomi Fertitta and enjoying the photography of Paul Aresu in the new guide book/coffee-table book, “New York: The Big City and Its Little Neighborhoods”

A parent’s worst nightmare

Linwood Barclay has come up with a terrific premise for his new thriller, “Fear the Worst” (Bantam), in which a college-age girl goes missing in the first chapter and her divorced dad learns she has

‘A room in the house where the dad sighs’

I wish I didn’t already have plans for Sunday night because I would love see the New Hampshire band, Wild Light, that is opening for The Wallflowers at The Ridgefield Playhouse. I’ve been hooked on

Where were you when the lights went out?

Summer has been rushing by too quickly.   It wasn’t until last night that I was able to get to the Yale Summer Cabaret for the first time this season and I am very glad I had the chance to catch the

Hot fun in the summertime

“A Perfect Getaway” barely registered in terms of box-office gross last weekend, but it’s a very entertaining and very unpretentious little horror movie with a neat twist at the end. The movie’s