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: December, 2009

A terrific thriller for the new year

It never ceases to amaze me how many good writers are working in the thriller genre these days. Since so many of the best authors work on a book-a-year pace, it can be hard to squeeze in a new writer

‘Rome’: perfect for a snowy winter weekend

HBO pulled the plug on its “Rome” series in 2007 after only two seasons, but I didn’t catch up with the addictive show until HBO Video sent me the recently released “complete series” package. Now that

Are we experiencing a second ‘Youthquake’?

The January Vogue has a neat retro 1960s feel thanks to the “Youthquake 2010” banner headline and a wide array of stories and pictures focusing on the way pop culture and fashion are mixing today.

Merry Christmas!

‘Night and Day’: A Korean in Paris

For an American viewer, the latest film by Korean director Hong Sang-Soo could be called “Culture Clash x Two.” “Night and Day” is about a 40-year-old Korean artist stranded in Paris for a few months

Cleaning out the Columbia vaults

Movie studios have utilized the compact size of the DVD format for all sorts of interesting multi-disc packages, but it’s hard to make much sense out of the Columbia Pictures “Martini Movies” series.

‘Rethink Afghanistan’: Obama’s Vietnam?

Progressive journalist Robert Greenwald has produced strong documentaries about everything from big box stores (“Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”) to the excesses of Fox News (“Outfoxed”).

The life and inebriated times of four ‘hellraisers’

Equal parts funny and appalling, the new Robert Sellers book “Hellraisers” (St. Martin’s Press) takes us back to the glory days of stage and screen stars Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton, Richard Harris

Rent it now: ‘Cutter’s Way’

There is lots of Oscar buzz swirling around Jeff Bridges for his performance in the new indie film, “Crazy Heart.” An Academy Award for Bridges is long overdue. He has been delivering fine screen

Lansbury & Sondheim: artistic partners for 45 years

Jesse Green does an excellent joint interview with Angela Lansbury and Stephen Sondheim in the current New York magazine to mark last week’s opening of “A Little Night Music” on Broadway. The revival