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: May, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Like many other Americans, I have today off and plan to enjoy it, but I do try to spend some time every Memorial Day remembering the men and women the holiday was created to honor. Yesterday, I spent

When pop entertainment stirs up young people

Adam Rapp is one of our most prolific and challenging young playwrights — and you can never guess where his next play might take you. “The Metal Children,” which has just opened at the Vineyard

‘The Terrorist’: another terrific post-9/11 espionage novel

Although some critics feared the end of the Cold War might also mean the end of the modern espionage novel — goodbye John LeCarre! — the post 9/11 world has proven to be fertile ground for novelists.

‘New Islands Archipelago’: strange & funny downtown ‘cruise’

The latest theater piece by The Talking Band — “New Islands Archipelago” by Paul Zimet — is a very engaging mix of zany comedy about cruise ship travel and more serious performance art-style musings

‘Elysiana’: sex, drugs & anxiety fuel 1960s flashback novel

You can practically smell the salt air, the booze — and the pot smoke — in Chris Knopf’s highly atmospheric noir thriller, “Elysiana” (The Permanent Press), set on the Jersey shore in the summer of

Russell & Megan: hard times for movie stars

Is Russell Crowe a movie star? That’s the $15-$20 million question facing any producer who is pondering the idea of hiring the Oscar-winning New Zealand native for his or her next movie. Crowe might

Mixing history and kitsch at the last inauguration

HBO Video recently released an engrossing two-disc DVD set that brings together two days’ worth of the festivities that surrounded the Barack Obama presidential inauguration last year. The package

‘Touching Home’: kids who have to raise themselves

A powerful independent film about overcoming bad parenting — “Touching Home” — is making its way around the country and opens today at the Criterion in New Haven. The movie arrives without the

‘Promises to Keep’: one from the heart

Jane Green is that rare popular novelist who has never rested on her laurels by serving up additional helpings from past bestsellers. The former journalist launched her fiction writing career in her

‘Armida’ or: when stars miscast themselves

Renee Fleming is an opera singer with the charisma of a movie star — and a huge international fan following — but she couldn’t keep a packed house in its seats at the final performance of the