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What time does to youthful relationships

Sally Koslow’s new novel, “With Friends Like These” (Ballantine Books), arrives in bookstores Aug. 10 with many ingredients that might lead some potential readers to dismiss it as yet another “chick

‘On the Road’: out of the reality TV discount bin

Did you see the pictures of the “Jersey Shore” cast ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange the other day? A wag writing for the Associated Press dubbed the event “Tan Tuesday.” The

‘Rubicon’: lots of style, not much substance

The producers of the new AMC series “Rubicon” — debuting Sunday night — caught my attention when they announced that they were hoping for a contemporary equivalent of the Watergate era paranoid

‘Diary of a Very Bad Year’: best book on the financial collapse?

Readers of the brilliant, Brooklyn-based journal n + 1 have been enjoying editor Keith Gessen’s interviews with an anonymous hedge fund manager for the last three years. Because Gessen (below, left)

‘The Kids Are All Right’: a quietly revolutionary film

Writer-director Lisa Cholodenko has scored one of the few major crossover hits of the summer with “The Kids Are All Right” which moved from limited art house release to a fairly wide multiplex opening

‘8’: the un-separation of church and state

Wolfe Video has just released “8: The Mormon Proposition,” a strong documentary about the covert role the Mormon Church played in the passage of the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California two

When your idol has feet of BS

I can’t think of another writer who has given me more pleasure than David Mamet, but he talks some really crazy s**t — pardon my French — in the new issue of Men’s Journal. Celebrities have long been

‘Waxed’: a perfect midsummer beach book

Former publicist Robert Rave delivered one of last summer’s breeziest beach reads — “Spin” — a novel based on his own experiences working in the PR jungles of New York. Rave’s second novel “Waxed”

The inscrutable ‘Mad Men’ return Sunday night

Expect to see more features on “Mad Men” than on “Salt” in this weekend’s entertainment sections. The return of the hit AMC series for its fourth season, right in the middle of the summer, shows how

The incredible story of Daniel Ellsberg

The title of the Oscar-nominated documentary — “The Most Dangerous Man in America” — is meant ironically. Daniel Ellsberg was “dangerous” only to those who put their government’s interests ahead of