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: October, 2010

‘The Walking Dead’: enough with the zombies already!

Who knew when we were watching George Romero’s midnight movie sensation “Night of the Living Dead” that the flesh-eating zombies he created would prove to be one of the biggest influences in the

Rent it now: Michael Crichton’s underrated 1978 thriller ‘Coma’

Michael Douglas served a long and unusually varied apprenticeship in Hollywood before he became a major box-office star — and Oscar-winning actor — in the 1980s. Douglas appeared in a series of

‘On the Line’: high anxiety on the streets of New York

I had a great time last night moderating a discussion at the Westport Library with two of our best crime writers, S.J. Rozan and Daniel Judson. They are both good talkers as well as writers so it was

‘Cash Crop’: a road trip through the California pot scene

It’s a “crime” that many of us — most of us? — committed more than once. Especially when we were young and foolish. Show me a baby boomer who claims he or she was never in the presence of the illegal

Notes on a preview of ‘Women on the Verge…’

Broadway has been inundated with musicals based on movies over the past decade, but I don’t think there has ever been a show that displayed more reverance for its film source material than “Women on

‘Follow Me Down’: college days without nostalgia

The new play “Follow Me Down” by Patrick Barrett takes place at Oxford University in 1925, but it tells a timeless story of those intense (and unlikely) friendships we form at college out of sheer

There’s no people like show people (especially Klea Blackhurst)

What a treat it was to see Klea Blackhurst’s show “Everything the Traffic Will Allow” yesterday at the Music Theatre of Connecticut in Westport. The singer-actress has been doing this 90-minute piece

n + 1 asks: ‘What Was The Hipster?’

The smart folks behind the Brooklyn journal n + 1 put out a terrific book on the financial collapse (“Diary of a Very Bad Year”) a few months ago and now they offer up a lighter but equally sharp

‘Too Fat for 40’: Kevin Smith kicks himself when he’s down

As I watched a preview copy of “Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40” the other night I couldn’t figure out if it was a comedy special or a cry for help. The show debuts as a video-on-demand option on EPIX

Sinatra as actor: from ‘The Kissing Bandit’ to Oscar winner

Although Frank Sinatra was called “The Voice” throughout his career, he managed one of the longest and most successful crossover careers in movies of any major vocalist. Barbra Streisand won an Oscar