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: November, 2010

‘Unanswered Prayers’: the road you didn’t take

Does anyone remember the Sissy Spacek-Kevin Kline movie, “Violets are Blue”? It was a 1984 flop — written by Naomi Foner (mom to Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal) and directed by Jack Fisk — that rarely

The return of David Campbell

The good news is that Australian singer-actor David Campbell has returned to the United States with a new CD and a cabaret tour. The bad news is that Campbell’s East Coast stint is a brief one — a

The most generous folks in show business?

You could make an argument that stage actors are among the hardest working people in show business. Eight times a week — no matter what their mood or personal problems — the performers in Broadway

‘My Passion’: searching for beauty in Malibu

Will even the most rabid Barbra Streisand fans shell out 65 dollars for the superstar’s first book, “My Passion for Design” (Viking)? Instead of a memoir about one of the great careers in modern show

Happy Thanksgiving!

‘Empty Nest’: the return of the flying Scottolines

Some people take vitamins every day. I do, too, but they don’t seem to do much for my mental health. For the past few weeks, I’ve found the perfect daily picker-upper — a chapter or two from the

Stephen Sondheim gets a phenomenal birthday party

How great it is that Stephen Sondheim has lived to be 80 and to witness his transition from being a Broadway cult figure to a full-fledged national treasure. 2010 has been a year-long celebration of

‘Time Stands Still’: the return of the well-made, realistic play

The play’s style might be traditional, but there’s nothing old-fashioned in the subject matter or the performances in the Broadway production of Donald Margulies’s “Time Stands Still,” now on at the

‘Playbill Yearbook’: Broadway as an incredible high school

Whether you page through it for fun or put it on your theater reference shelf, “The Playbill Broadway Yearbook” is the best annual account of what happens on those fabled few blocks in midtown

The zany, irascible dame behind Judy & Liza & Eloise

Kay Thompson’s status as a show business cult figure — 12 years after her death — is bolstered by the impressive crew that contributed jacket blurbs to the new biography by Sam Irvin. Pre-publication