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: May, 2011

‘True Blood’: vampires as American as apple pie (& Internet porn)

Aimed at a pop culture sweet spot somewhere between soap opera and porn, the HBO series “True Blood” is too trashy to be taken seriously but so well-executed that it’s hard to turn off. Season four

Memorial Day 2011

‘Hello, Lonesome’: a juicy movie role for Lynn Cohen

Although she is probably best known as Cynthia Nixon’s housekeeper, Magda, on the “Sex & the City” series (and in the two movies that followed) Lynn Cohen has racked up an amazing list of stage

The sexiest couple of 1969 and other French treats

Drive-ins might be dead, but the idea of watching movies outside on a warm, summer evening is not only alive and well, it’s growing. Inspired by the great success HBO has had for more than a decade

The show (and the awesome Bobby Cannavale) must go on

Last night at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, a little more than halfway through “The Motherf—-r with the Hat” the lights failed to come up after what was meant to be a quick scene change. The house

‘Just Cause’: the terrorists who couldn’t shoot straight

Is there still a revolutionary spark in America? With so many college-age kids here facing the same dismal economic future as the young people of Egypt and Tunisia et al, it’s fascinating to ponder

A late report on the funny and scary ‘Squealer’

Mixing elements of Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson’s “Balm in Gilead” and those backwoods Southern horror movies (i.e. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) Jonathan Blitstein has cooked up a wild and woolly play

Elaine’s closing marks the end of a movie/restaurant era

The announcement yesterday that Elaine’s — the venerable Upper East Side restaurant — will be closing May 26 hit a certain slice of Manhattan society hard. The owner and hostess, Elaine Kaufman, died

‘The Social Climber’s Handbook’: dressed to kill in Manhattan

Molly Jong-Fast’s “The Social Climber’s Handbook” is a very dark and very funny new novel that examines the money pressures that even the wealthy felt three years ago when the economy began to melt

‘The Tree of Life’ rouses Cannes press at the crack of dawn

It takes a special film to get the world press up in time for an 8:30 a.m. screening but that’s what happened in Cannes this morning for the first showing of Terrence Malick’s long-awaited “The Tree